Another coworking space joins Station 2 Innovation in Bradenton. Connect Bradenton comes to town offering yet another coworking option for professionals in Bradenton.

Bernie Croghan spent years renting executive suites at Comcenter for clientele in East Manatee and Lakewood Ranch. He now has established a coworking space in a building formerly occupied by a Bank of America.

Entrepreneurs that have long attended workshops and talks at Station 2 Innovation find themselves with another option in the region. Low-cost workspaces pioneered in Bradenton by Station 2 Innovation provide small businesses and entrepreneurs a home from which to work. A shared environment, collaboration, interaction, and opportunity for collision are still central to the coworking experience. Station 2 Innovation prides itself with a sense of community at its center and hopes other coworking centers are also able to achieve this.

Though branded a coworking center, Connect Bradenton is positioned as more of a hybrid with traditional office rentals as well. This will serve the needs of some clients while coworking, a central tenet at Station 2 Innovation, is also offered.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and expanding businesses have yet another option in the Bradenton area. If you stop by, tell them you heard about them from the coworking community at Station 2 Innovation.CoWorking