Soft Landing Services

Soft Landing services support business expansion into new markets

As they grow, many companies look to expand their business into new markets. Soft Landing services help international businesses, as well as domestic companies headquartered outside of our region, enter the vibrant Tampa Bay business ecosystem. Soft Landing services are also available to local companies looking to expand internationally.

Companies that are eligible for incoming soft landing services: are headquartered outside our region, must provide valid paperwork needed to conduct business in the United States, must be a for-profit business, and are able to pay the monthly program and facility membership fees for the intended time of stay.

These candidates must also demonstrate the ability to make a positive economic impact in the community through a technology, product or service deemed to have high growth potential in the marketplace and the creation of new high-paying jobs in the local area.

Soft Landing programs partner with a broad range of organizations worldwide, as well as program and service partners. Examples of the types of services typically provided include:

  • trade organizations
  • universities and colleges
  • “Sister Centers” (business expansion pipelines)
  • incubator and accelerator programs
  • commercial and advocacy organizations
  • state and federal trade organizations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • diaspora organizations
  • logistics/shipping & customs brokers
  • accounting, banking, and legal services
  • translation and language training services
  • market research and entry assistance
  • access to investors and capital
  • regulatory assistance
  • help with import and export laws
  • IP and patent assistance
  • business structure and operations
  • business and driver’s licenses
  • cultural training
  • immigration and visa support
  • housing assistance

Soft Landing Services are provided through the extensive connections of Spark Growth in the worldwide market.