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Soft Landing services support business expansion into new markets, helping international and domestic businesses headquartered outside a region to enter the local business ecosystem rapidly.

Soft Landing Services support business expansion into new markets, helping companies from outside the country with an accelerated introduction to business practices, regulations, and culture in the US ecosystem.

Soft Landing Services are provided through the extensive connections of innovation consulting company Spark Growth in the worldwide market. Spark Growth’s soft-landing program focuses on the critical determinants of success in business expansion, as identified by the World Economic Forum:

• Market access – help finding early adopters and customers, supply chain, logistics, and services
• Potential investors and access to capital – needed to scale the business quickly into new markets
• Human capital/workforce – educated and skilled technical talent, experienced leadership
• Support networks – access to excellent mentors, advisors, connections & partners in target markets

These challenges require expert support and guidance in the target market. Spark Growth provides a 2-4-month intensive process to quickly and efficiently obtain the resources companies need to grow in new markets:
• Assessment – to determine goals, needs, capabilities, and potential, typically done before arrival
• Intake – market entry, sales, and financing introductions, production, and short-term space identified
• Focus & growth – implementation for market penetration, IP/legal, capital, mentors/advisors, workforce


Soft landing services enable companies to focus on core business needs, with help navigating the new environment, accelerating growth through access to necessary resources, capital, and sales. Services provided by Spark Growth’s customized soft landing program may include:

• Domestic market research and entry assistance, sales presence and introductions
• Finding production facilities, IP commercialization support
• Finance, legal, Intellectual property, and patent assistance
• Access to economic incentives, capital, potential investors, mentors, and advisors
• Help meeting government regulations and import/export laws
• Immigration, visa, business registration, and licensing assistance
• Language, translation, and cultural training services
• Housing and location assistance

These candidates must also demonstrate the ability to make a positive economic impact in the community through technology, product, or service deemed to have high growth potential in the marketplace and the creation of new high-paying jobs in the local area.

Spark Growth is a member of the International Business Innovation Association (INBIA) and Florida Business Incubation Association (FBIA) and models its offering after the InBIA Soft Landing program. To get started, please contact us: