The Station 2 Team

Working together with our mentors, sponsors, community members, and partner organizations – our team at Station 2 Innovation is here to help you grow your business!

Stan Schultes

Resident Operations Director

Sara Hand

Executive Director, Resident Plate Spinner

Norman Dempsey

Resident Tech Innovator

A labor of love for entrepreneur activists Sara Hand and Stan Schultes of Spark Growth, the journey to getting the doors open involved many months of meetings and long hours of work. A big thanks goes to the City of Bradenton for use of the historic firehouse at SR 64 (7th Ave E) & 9th St. E for this endeavor. We have a fantastic community and business environment around us that makes coming to work fun every day!

Peter Nealis

Partner, Taft Law

Peter Nealis, Founding Board Member

Station 2 Innovation is proud to recognize our founding Board member Peter Nealis, a Partner at Taft Law. Peter has been an avid supporter of Spark Growth’s entrepreneurial community work for a number of years. Peter is a frequent speaker at Station 2 and makes himself readily available for conversations and mentorship for Station 2 community members.