It’s our Anniversary at Station 2 Innovation

The team at Station 2 Innovation is excited to invite you to join us Friday October 21st, 2016 from 4pm-7pm for our first anniversary celebration! And what a year it’s been – from our soft launch early last year until now, Station 2 has served over four thousand entrepreneur visits! Through a variety of offerings including weekly Entrepreneurs & Startups meetups, networking events, workshops, VIP meetings, and summer student programs – we serve a variety of businesses and entrepreneurs of all ages.


Learning and Growing Together

Join us for hors d’oeuvres and refreshments including coffee, wine, and beer at our milestone event. Catch some of our stats from this last year, meet some of our summer student entrepreneurs, and chat with speakers, sponsors and clients who will enliven you with stories of how their businesses and ideas grew from the relationships made during this journey we’ve all been a part of. Sara Hand, Executive Director at Station 2, says of our entrepreneurial community, “When people work together, we leverage our valuable resources of time, talent and finances. Through face-to-face connections and a supportive, open atmosphere, the Station 2 Innovation community has amplified the efforts we’ve started here in Bradenton. When we connect the dots, we propel our clients, coworkers, and broader community into new opportunities, achievements, and collective success.”

Doing Good Because We Can

At Station 2 Innovation our focus is entrepreneur education and building community. People thrive in connected communities and businesses flourish. Strong business growth impacts everyone. Statistics show most new job growth in the U.S. is happening in companies of less than 10 employees. With technology making it possible to work anywhere and live where you want – truly the entrepreneur/independent economy “is” at work. Stan Schultes, Resident Innovation Architect at Station 2, says “The Innovation Center provides a platform to network, learn, and share ideas and business acumen without feeling pressured. It is part of our local ecosystem of job growth and technology allowing startups and existing businesses to start or relocate to our wonderful area blessed with so many amenities. By helping to grow and retain businesses here in Bradenton, it produces more employment and a more vibrant area to live, work, and play.”

Entrepreneurs of All Ages

Entrepreneurs at all stages of development are invited to participate and to become involved in the Station 2 community. With networking, peer support, continuing education and mentorship, Station 2 Innovation provides resources to help businesses and people grow. Norman Dempsey, Station 2 Innovation’s Resident Tech Innovator & Social Media Manager, invites the public to stop in for a tour or to pick up one of the many free resources available to the community. “We’re fortunate to have the support of a great deal of entrepreneurial and technology based backers and we’ve leveraged this into free and sponsored resources to help businesses grow. Stop by and pick up our Entrepreneurial Resource Kit or any other number of useful handouts we share here at the station or online. We’re not here to collect business cards; we endeavor to create lasting, meaningful relationships that connect people in positive ways. So feel free to follow our social media channels for up-to-date news and events surrounding Station 2 and let’s drive our region forward together.”

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