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Serving Entrepreneurs, Building Community and Growing Businesses!

Because success does not happen in a vacuum, Station 2 Innovation is bridging the gaps for business growth. By providing entrepreneur, business, education & networking events, cowork space for independent professionals, virtual workers, and for start-up companies and founders looking for an ideal place to scale operations, Station 2 Innovation brings together resources for business growth. Entrepreneurs at all stages of development, whether just contemplating a venture or well on the journey, are invited to participate and to become involved in the Station 2 community.

Many Station 2 Innovation events are free and are directed at building and connecting our entrepreneur community, as well as increasing the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs to start, launch and scale stronger, more profitable and sustainable ventures. We run a variety of event types where our speakers provide talks, discussions, panels, workshops, Meetups, pitch events and other cool stuff. Events alternate from evening to noontime to eliminate time constraints and barriers.

The Station 2 Community provides peer support, accountability, continuing education and mentor support. These resources provide an environment for people and businesses to thrive. Events at Station 2 are informative and practical – take what you are learning today and apply it today! Our casual inclusive style of education encourages conversation and makes it comfortable for everyone to be involved. Networking is always included with opportunities to share, to follow up with speakers and for serendipitous creative collisions.

People and businesses thrive in connected communities. Whether here for a day, a season or years – stop by Station 2 today!

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