In starting and maintaining a thriving business often business owners are so busy doing that they do not take the time to really plan out what needs to happen for their business to grow. In a recent survey, It was found that as many as 50% of business owners do not have a written business plan.   According to Ben Franklin’s timeless statement, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Start with the simple act of writing down in detail how you believe your business idea will work. Keep it clear and concise without filler language. Get to the point quickly, knowing that less is more. It is great to add visuals to your plan to include another way to share your message and predictions of future business success.

A good business plan will make it easier to communicate with others and make sure that everyone involved in the business is operating from the same place.   Setting goals will give you a way in to future to measure your success from the start.   A few great resources for getting started can be found at,, Lean Startup and Forbes’ 10 Expert Resources for Startups in 2017

Most important, is that you get the process started and have something to build on for the future.