Sara HandAs Executive Director and Resident Plate Spinner at Station 2 Innovation, Sara Hand instigates and implements programming, networking and education topics with the help of Station 2 cohorts Stan Schultes and Norman Dempsey.

Sara has a diverse business development background across public and private sector enterprises, which including early stage investment experience. Her motto is “Think Big. Keep it Simple. Make it Happen.” Utilizing Strategic Doing, Sara drives action-focused agendas in solving complex problems and is widely recognized for consistently achieving her goals with grace and confident skill.

An entrepreneur, Sara uses her strengths to find and leverage unique value propositions and create synergistic partnerships. From Spark Growth, her business, organizational and community development practice to founder of 3.0 Leaders Conference and multiple community partnerships, Sara enjoys developing creative and collaborative solutions for delivering maximized results.

Sara is a visionary, a valuable leader and significant asset to her community. Her recognized accomplishments have presented opportunities with the State Department, the United Nations and the 2015 Harvard Future-Ready Economies Summit.

Passionate about community and connecting the dots for growth, Sara Hand collects “cool people”, many whom you will meet as speakers at Station 2 Innovation, DaVinci’s Faire & BarCamp and the annual 3.0 Leaders Conference.